Monday Mood Board: Zombie Glam

"What inspires you?" is such a loaded question. It's akin to asking someone "What do you notice in the world?" or "What is important to you?" and the answers to those questions are almost always too heavy for small talk or for any one single conversation.

"What inspires you?" Usually my answer is a short list that includes sunsets, elderly couples, and Audrey Hepburn movies, but that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Inspiration is everywhere.

With this realization at the forefront of my mind, I thought it might be a good idea to start off every week with a Monday Mood Board to show you what's inspiring me right now.

Today I got to thinking about the cyclic nature of fashion trends and the unlikely combination of Victorian era and punk styles to create steampunk. Couple this with the rainy and overcast weather here in Hong Kong, which reminded me of a friend who once shared with me that his greatest fear was the fog, because zombies could come out of nowhere. With zombies still on the brain, I saw a pin of Cara Delevingne on RUSSH's August-September 2012 cover and decided to combine two radically different trends to create a new look of my own: zombie glam.

Just as dewy skin reigns supreme during the spring and summer months, smokey eyes and dark lipstick always seem to make a comeback for fall. These perennial fall beauty trends actually seem to go nicely with the undead look, which works well because my skin increasingly looks like a piece of wax paper after summer is over.

Most zombies are depicted in bloody, ragged clothes, so I thought I'd mix it up a bit with vintage ladylike silhouettes. I turned to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride for color inspiration, ultimately choosing dark green velvet and black tulle as textiles because they evoke a sense of luxury, glamour, and nostalgia while maintaining an air of creepiness and mystery.

While I won't be stepping out like this any time soon, I do hope pale skin, dead eyes, dark undereye circles, and messy hair catch on... for obvious reasons.

Friday Playlist: Savoring Summer

With Labor Day now behind us, I guess I finally have to admit to myself that summer is over. Here's eighteen tracks that perfectly capture that melancholy end-of-summer feeling with a mix of nostalgic acoustic covers and fun, poppy anthems you can sing and dance along to. (56 minutes long)